Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Night at Sin City

A while ago, My girl and I had the pleasure of attending a local night club that hosts fetish nights 2 Saturday’s a month, called Sin City. While I had attended these fetish nights before, it was the first time for My girl to join Me; to see and been seen within the BDSM community. We both looked forward to the evening with much anticipation.

Being corset night at the club, I wore a black velveteen mesh corset with a pvc mini skirt and black lace up, pvc platform boots. She was in a ruby red corset with a black mini and thigh high, black leather boots with collar, of course. While I do not have this girl collared yet, I felt that having her wear one while we are out in the community would show that she is under consideration by Me and that she would be under My protection for the night. We were now ready to have some fun!

We arrived early not only to avoid the line up, but to have this inquisitive girl check out her surroundings so she could feel more comfortable. I picked one of the few couches in the club to lounge on and people watch as the patrons start to arrive. With DJ Pandemonium spinning a fantastic mix of tunes and the variety of people wearing their fetish best, the atmosphere soon became electric. The thumping beat mimicked the vibe and excitement that we were both feeling.

After a couple of drinks, I decided it was time of mingle and view the small dungeon area that is set up in the upper level. It is equipped with an ‘X’, spanking bench, rack and a rigged up, old pool table for light knife play or whatever may come to mind. It is monitored by a couple of dungeon masters with a small viewing area to enjoy the public play. While My girl was very intrigued with watching others play, not to mention both of us feeling a heightened erotic response, I choose not to play with her this evening. After all, I didn’t want to overwhelm the girl with sensation overload being new to the club and the scene in general.

Wandering around the club, we chatted with a few people, as a noticed a few of the regulars in attendance. An occasional play partner of Mine was there and I made introductions between him and My girl. He is such a warm and friendly person, she soon noticeably relaxed within his presence. As we moved on to the downstairs area where a different DJ mixes tunes, it was time to have another drink and to join the frenzied dancing on the floor. After a few songs, we went back up to the main dance floor, where there are props and a small stage to dance on, if someone wants to really get their groove on. The vibe was incredible; bodies moving to the sound and flashing lights, all of us pumping and grinding to the rhythm as one. My girl felt welcomed and part of this dynamic, alternative community.

As the hours grew late, we had to gather out things and make our way home. Hot and sweaty, glowing with the energy of the club we made it back to My place for a sweet night cap of spankings, bondage and light play. I could think of no better way to end the night or spend the evening. It was a defining moment in our relationship, one we both will remember for some time to come.

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At 1:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lookers-on see more than players.


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