Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Feminine Mystic

~ The feather brush of a pair of lips on the nape of the neck, a sigh of breathe that sends shivers across a breast, a finger tip tracing the contours of the flesh, the delicious scent of a woman, and tantalizing tastes for the tongue ~

So many desires went unfulfilled as I yearned to find a female submissive over the years. I tried searching the available fetish networking sites to find that distinctive woman, but that elusive connection that I sought after did not seem to materialize as quickly as I had first envisioned. Time flowed and interests turned to other aspects of the lifestyle. However, it didn’t decrease that passion to re-experience a female touch.

I had been with women in the past, but it was strictly in a vanilla way. While that was satisfactory at that time, since I discovered the lifestyle, I had wanted to explore the depths of desire with a female submissive. I always thought it would be an intense experience but nothing prepared Me for the girl that has come into My life.

I posted an ad on a local website, a first for Me, just looking to connect with a kinky woman, to see if things could blossom in to something more. While I had hoped to be able to explore a little BDSM with whoever came My way, I had told Myself that I would be content with just having a girl in My life, to share that unique bond that only two women can share. My BDSM desires could always be fulfilled by spirit or the other male submissives that I play with on occasion. While hopeful, I had low expectations of how extensive I could play, as it was almost a ‘vanilla’ posting. But I should know by now, that jumping into something with no expectations is the best way to approach anything or any relationship. No expectations, no disappointments; the only way to go from there is up.

We met within a week of her answering My post, after numerous emails and chatting on MSN. We exchanged photos, and she was in thigh high black boots in the first photo that she sent to Me, which was an encouraging sign. 'Perhaps I may get a little of what I was hoping to find,' I thought to Myself. As it turns out, I got a whole lot more than I could have ever imagined. This girl was interested in exploring BDSM and while she did not have much experience, was eager to learn about the wonders that this lifestyle held.

Our first experiences was involved spanking and nipple play. While she was uncertain of how much she could endure, over time, this has become part of the aspects of our play time that she now craves. Whether by hand, crop or flogger, she needs this kind of attention on a regular basis. I’ve had her restrained, cuffed & bound, eager and willing to explore everything that I can give her. I totally love playing with her this way. I know I enter into My Domme space when I’m with her and I’ve been able to take her into her sub space. It’s deep, intense, and almost tantric. As she says, she feels it’s highly addictive and I have to agree with her there. As an added bonus, we are developing an enjoyable friendship, where we can hang out, go to dance clubs, out for dinner and such. I have a distinct feeling that she will become in integral part of My life as this new path unfolds.

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