Sunday, May 10, 2009

An Evening Encounter

On a chill spring evening, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of My kinkster friends for an impromptu get together. We had been speaking quite frequently and had recently met up at a club for our first a public play session. On this evening as we chatted online, our conversation turned to more of what we both enjoyed about BDSM and our relative experiences within it and the local community. After a while, we decide to hang out and continue the conversation in person.

I picked him up with the hopes of going out for a coffee or to a pub for a drink, but after driving around for a while we realized that there wasn’t any place were we could go to speak comfortably with each about the topics we wanted to discuss. When the situation warrants it, I will be discreet and unassuming so as to not draw unwanted attention to Myself or who I am with in the vanilla world. So after driving around for what seems like an exorbitant amount of time, we decided to get a six pack and enjoy some in-depth tête-à-tête by a local river. We walked around the park and ended up at the play area were we sat for a time on the play fort. We talked long into the sunset through twilight as the stars started to show themselves in the evening sky. I had delicious visions of this boy tied up and suspended from the monkey bars as we spoke…such a distraction he was. Personal history, ambitions and goals were shared between us, along with likes, dislikes, limits and desires yet to be experienced. The talk flowed unencumbered as common ground was established and smiles flashed. Ummm, I wondered as to what kind of naughtiness we could get ourselves into.

As the night fully embraced us, the temperature dropped and we decided to head back to My car to keep a bit warmer. Instead of using the heater though, I had My own ideas how to warm us up. We climbed into the back seat, Myself in the middle with this appetizing boy kneeling across My lap. There wasn’t much room to play the exact way I would have liked to, but improv is an excellent way to acquire more skills. I love it when a boy or girl gives up their body to play with and use exactly how you want to use it; it’s such a turn on. This boy had smooth flesh, so soft and perfect for spanking. Since space limitations didn’t allow for a crop (or even my baby flogger), I went old school, pulled his underwear down and enjoyed giving him a good hand spanking while caressing his jewels during the breaks. To hear him moan as I yanked his head back by a handful of hair as a hard smack was delivered in time with his ass was such sweet music to My ears. As his moans increases and the energy became more electric, I brought out a little toy that I could pack around, a silver bullet vibrator. As I ran that over his jewels and caressed his ass with it, he began to quiver and shake. In such a venerable state, he looked just so luscious; I couldn’t help but lightly bite that ass that was enjoying My administrations so much. I grabbed his long hair and pulled his head back again as I asked him how he was enjoying himself. No words really needed to be said as I could tell by the glazed look in his eyes he was in his own little world. I also felt wetness on My pants as this boy was dripping like a leaky faucet. He was loving every minute of it and so was I. In the heat of the moment, I couldn’t resist taking a few kisses and licks on that juicy mouth of his. The passion was electric and highly charged considering the venue. I made him kneel up so I could have him fully display himself and see his member standing at full attention. I allowed him to touch Myself, but only briefly and above the waist as he was My toy and not the other way around. This frustrated him a bit but he was compliant as any good boy should be. I pushed him off My lap and back into the seat while I caressed him, used him with My hands and mouth, this boy as My toy, to do exactly what he was told. What an intense and intoxifying experience.

As I drove home after I dropping him off later, a quote came to My mind. It goes: I might not have ended up where I intended to go, but find Myself where I am supposed to be. This is very fitting for this night and I guess it applies to a lot of My experiences in this D/s journey. I may plan, but in the end, whatever will be, just is, as I enrich Myself, one experience at a time.

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