Thursday, April 09, 2009

Public Play with a New Subbie

Since I have been expanding on My BDSM experiences, I decided to take it up a notch and have a public play session at a local club with a new friend of Mine who is into the local fetish scene.

I met him on a kinkster networking site called FetLife. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, do so! It’s a fantastic resource to either talk in discussion groups with like minded people, to get up-to-date information on whatever local events are going on in your area or to get connected with your local fetish community. We soon discovered after exchanging photos & chatting for a few weeks that we have a lot of common interests and that we would be interested in exploring them with each other. With spirit in tow, I went to the SinCity Fetish night to meet up with him for the first time to see if we had that real time connection that we seemed to be developing online.

When I arrived at the club with spirit, we relaxed into to the ambiance of the evening. SinCity has a vibrant and lively clientele which can be full of surprises. I decided to hang back a bit before seeking My pet out. I was interested in watching him, to see how he moved within the environs & interacted with others. He is well known in the scene and can understand why. He has an open and energetic attitude, one that can be serious but playful at the same time….an enticing combination, indeed. After a while I finally approached him, and when we made contact, he welcomed Me with a warm smile and affectionate embrace. He promptly whisked Me away around the club to introduce Me to all of his many friends. Once concluded, we spoke briefly to make plans to get together at the dungeon play area a bit later.

I went to re-join spirit & gave him lots of attention to reinforce his position with Me. Some may think that this may be cruel to spirit, to leave him alone while I go off and play later. However, it was a packed club, he is a social person and completely understands the parameters of our relationship. It was in this knowledge that we came together. It is also what defines and establishes our connection, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Soon after I made My way to the dungeon space and reconnected with My pet while he made the arrangements to use the equipment provided. Wow, I wish I had a few of these pieces in My own place! I brought My baby black leather flogger which seems quite unassuming but has a wicked sting when welded with precision. We went to the horse bench and My pet completely undressed to his underwear, which surprised Me but was also encouraging. Yes, he was serious about getting his ass spanked and flogged, something that made Me tingle all over :). As he assumed the position, I let the tendrils of My flogger lightly caress his bare torso, dragging it over his ass, down his jewels (which made him pleasantly shiver), over the back of his legs, right down to the bottoms of his feet. It’s a technique that I use to get the flesh prepared for the lashes that are to soon come. The light spider-like touches brings a certain amount of electricity to the surface of the skin, making it highly responsive to touch. I loved watching his body twitching with the slight strokes and inwardly smiled as I knew how he would react once I My flogger licked his ass. After few minutes of this, and checking in with him as to how he was feeling, the first blow landed dead center in his butt, hard and stinging. His body tense with the impact of it, but relaxed once I rubbed his sensitive skin with My free hand. I continued to walk around him lightly touching all areas of his body, grabbing his hair and jerking his head up. ‘Do you like it, My boy?’ I inquired. ‘Yes, Mistress, I love your touch,’ he whispered. I breathed in his ear that he was My bitch tonight and that he would completely love it, to which his husky response was, ‘yes Mistress’. We played for about ½ an hour, through caresses and stinging hits, with Me turning around the flogger to tapping his ass with the handle of it, like a crop, flogging his body in a figure 8 from his torso to the soles of his feet. Yes, he would remember Me when he walked around tomorrow, I would make sure of that.

While playing for a short time normally doesn’t always put the sub into sub space, it was just a taste of some of the delights that awaited him if we choose to continue to play on a regular basis. I actually got a quite charge out of being watched by the other patrons waiting to use the equipment, a completely new experience for Me. I was pleased with how the scene went and noticed that he was too through his languid smile. While the play may not have been to the level we both would have liked, we came away from it with a good sense of what could be. In the end, it showed Me that we did have the physical chemistry to perhaps take this to new depths. With an tender embrace, we parted ways for the evening even though we bumped into each other numerous times in the club that night. It was time for Me to make spirit feel a bit special. He was happy that I was able to enjoy the scene with My pet and to experience something new as he is not into public play. Oh My, I think I have unleashed something within Myself which will have to fed on a regular basis.:)

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Second Life Experience

2009…a new year full of life changing experiences already! At the end of January due to current economic conditions, I found Myself among the masses of the unemployed. Although it was quite a shock, I was determined to use My time wisely while looking for a new position. I ended up spending much of My time reading all the D/s & BDSM sites that I had bookmarked on My computer, updated and posted regularly on a few of My other websites, send off answers to long awaited emails and became more immersed within the lifestyle that I love so much. It has been a time of self exploration, full of kink and little surprises along the way.

One of My newest discoveries was the world of Second Life and the myriad of people within its virtual landscape. Honestly, whatever you can envision will be there in some shape or form. There is an extensive BDSM & Femdom community in SL, full of every type of kinkster that could possibly imagine. What truly amazes Me though, is that every land that I have travelled within there is ‘user’ made! From the user skins or clothing that is available, either free or with exceptional digital quality for a price, from the beautiful temples and gardens to the craftiest dungeons, we are dealing with exceptionally creative people here. What an exceptional way to conceptualize what may not be possible in the vanilla world for most!

I have met some incredible people there who are either just exploring the lifestyle or living it in real life as well as in SL. I realised that when I wasn’t able to spend time with spirit due to our conflicting schedules that I now had a way to connect with people and delve into topics of conversation that I just cannot have with My vanilla friends. Sometimes I would even meet up with spirit under one of his many alias’ there, and role play with others in the community. I’m always interested in ways that will expand My perception, and SL is a fantastic way to enhance it.

One special person that I have met was a female sub that I will call My ‘spank whore’. We have developed an affectionate relationship within SL that has transcended what I thought I would experience there. Through online connection, sharing experiences, avatars’, photos and voice chat, she has become My collared sub. When we are not able to connect there, we stay in touch on the phone, and do plan to finally meet each other real time within the next year. I have always used the internet as a tool to meet people within the lifestyle, but didn’t think that I could use SL in the same way. What a pleasant surprise it has been!

Though out My SL experience to date, I feel that I have re-kindled My passion for D/s, have become far more open and creative in My ways of kink and living D/S real time. If you are interested in meeting up with Me, My name in SL is Svaha Quintessa. I like to frequent the Velvet Thorn while there. Feel free to say hi or drop Me a message.

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