Sunday, November 18, 2007

Foot Worship

For any submissive, the easiest way to please his Mistress is to learn the proper techniques for foot worship. When spirit first was invited to My place to be tested, he was allowed to start with My feet. I graded him on sensitive touch, massage ability and attention to detail. Below is a comprehensive account of how I believe a foot worship session should be carried out.

Preparation of the area is of the utmost importance. All items that will be used for the worship should be on hand so the submissive does not have to leave the Mistress’ feet until the job is completed. A good list of items to have on hand are: a wash basin full of warm scented water, a pitcher of warm water, liquid soap, soft towel, massage lotion, nail polish remover & cotton balls, nail file, pumice stone, nail polish (of Her choosing), a few q-tips and a small hand fan.

The first step is to gently take one of the Mistress’ feet into your lap and thoroughly remove any old nail polish from Her toe nails before they will be bathed. Once completed, bring over the wash basin full of warm, scented water and gently place both of her feet in the basin. Lightly caress Her feet while submerged in the water, and pour hand cupped water over her ankles and lower calves. Be careful not to splash the water around too much. Let Her feet soak for 5 minutes and then raise one foot in your left hand while the other hand rubs liquid soap cleansing the first foot. If there are any rough spots on the sole of Her foot, use the pumice stone to smooth out those areas. Repeat with the other foot and let soak for another 5 minutes once they are both cleansed. Rinse each foot with the pitcher of warm water and lay them on the soft towel beside the basin. Tenderly pat dry each foot. Next, take the massage lotion and give Her a foot massage. Firmly but lovingly rub the arch and balls of Her feet paying attention to each individual toe and the top of Her foot too. Here, the longer the massage, the more rewards may come your way. Once the massage is completed, and you can tell when to stop when your Mistress gives you a signal, it is time to apply the nail polish to Her lustrous toes. Delicately paint each toe with as much precision as able. If you go over the edges, use a q-tip to take the excess polish off. Apply 2 coats of nail polish to each toe, allowing the first coat to dry for a few minutes in before the second coat is applied. Use the small hand fan to dry the nail polish when the second coat of polish is completed.

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