Sunday, August 12, 2007

Acceptance – From where My subbie stands

Acceptance for a submissive can be a long journey full of pitfalls and detours along the way. Their hidden desires always seem to have a way of being expressed inappropriately on a subconscious level unless they are acknowledged and dealt with in a non-judgmental, loving manner, even if that only comes from themselves. I believe that everyone has a secret desire or desires that can not always be explained to others in a conventional way. This is a yearning that resides in the depth of our souls that can not be continually repressed or washed away with societal conditioning. The eternal searching for something outside of the self eventually comes back to the seeking that is within. If the submissive is lucky, he can be assisted with his own self acceptance through the skills that his Mistress possesses.

Some submissive’s like to be ‘forced’ to perform tasks, whether that is to dress as a sissy or to be puppy trained, to name a few. However the truth of the matter is that there is very little ‘forcing’ going on when the submissive is secretly craving the task at hand. The so-called forcing has more to do with the acceptance of himself than anything else. With the proper guidance by his Mistress, this can be a significant achievement that a submissive can make. One of the major blockers to total self acceptance is the male ego. Once this is eradicated, then the submissive is truly free to be who he is with no shame or foreboding, to serve his Mistress fully as She sees fit. The best thing is that this not only helps the submissive within a D/s relationship, but it also helps him in the vanilla world with quiet confidence and more personal control with unconventional urges. The internal fighting stops with tranquility as a result. A submissive who achieves self acceptance knows a special kind of happiness by living a fulfilled life on all levels.


At 7:43 pm, Blogger jssubc said...

Thank You for a well articulated post and one that struck a chord with me. i struggled so long with my ego and conditioning and only the patience of my Mistress was able to get me to the point that i could give myself to submit fully and unconditionally.
Thank You again

At 7:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Mistress Kika - i really liked Your post, and how it highlights that, from a submissive's perspective, the desire for "being forced" to do something, perhaps (sometimes or for some) stems more from lack of acceptance about our condition than from a deep-seated desire for humilation. It really gets me thinking about my own state of acceptance, and i realize that i probably still have a long way to go.

At 7:22 pm, Blogger Joel said...

I am newbie with a virtual Mistress who just instructed me wear a cb3000. i cant believe how much the thought of being locked in has turned me on. If only i had a real life Mistress 2 train me.


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