Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Power of Play

It’s a common cliché that if life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But sometimes life’s stresses can be a bit too much and shifting out of a negative mindset takes more than just positive thinking or simple talk.

spirit hasn’t been emotionally feeling himself lately. There has been some stress’ in his and our lives that has been weighing heavily on his heart & mind. he is quite a sensitive person and from time to time he can become quite withdrawn and emotionally shut off. Today was one of those days. Try as I might, I felt I was only getting half way though to him whenever I tried to connect. As I grew more concerned of his emotional state, I realized that the power of play could dismantle the wall that he had mentally assembled.

Important parts of D/s are play. Not the core, but a lot of the protocol, the attitudes, the expectations. It all feeds into the undertows, our motivations, our drives, sexual and emotional. There is a fine line between play and need and it is important to recognize where one feeds into the other, and why. D/s is serious business and must be treated as such, as it touches upon and reaches into our most basic needs. The power of play cannot be under-estimated.

I approached him in a divine state, dressed in a long silver gown, silver shoes and crop in hand. Being as detached as he was, it took a few moments for him to notice Me standing before him. But when he looked up, his eyes grew wide and in seconds he was on his knees. “Kiss My foot” I said, as I pointed silvered toes towards his face. he instantly complied and smothered My toes with his tender lips. As a reward, he felt the kiss of My crop on his behind, encouraging him to continue his worship. Since it was a hot day and I choose not to put his collar on. I felt that easiest way to get him to the bedroom was to grab a handful of hair and have him crawl on his knees to the bed. I ordered him get in to his punishment position so I could discipline him for shutting Me out earlier. Sometimes the easiest way to open a sub’s mind is through his butt ~smile~.

I lightly cropped him and gradually increased force as I noticed his arousal. I switched to My small flogger then had him face Me, arms fully extended above his head so I could lash his torso. Through his mild pleas his excitement was all too apparent. I knew he was almost in his ‘happy place’. “Kiss Me now, spirit” I said as I forcefully grabbed his head and pulled his face closer to Mine. With quivering lips, his mouth hungrily met Mine. Ah, there is was in his eyes, the shift had finally happened; the wall had crumbled. Victory was Mine once again as he let go of all the worries he was clinging to. I had him get on his hands and knees one last time, butt facing Me to deftly deliver the final strikes that would take him over the edge into bliss.

Play completed, I lay down on the bed beside him as he exhaustedly crawled to My side. he clings to Me despite the heat, trembling as he gradually comes back to his top space. We are connected once again. The wall is down and I hope it will not go back up too soon. I will use the powers of play to keep our connection strong and the woe’s of the world at bay.


At 8:17 pm, Blogger Redleg said...

That was absolutely beautiful M'Lady, how I envy your lover. I looked at a Lady today and Her radiance almost brought me to tears. I cannot imagine a closer relationship to a Woman than that of having surrendered myself to Her completely. I have been in such melancholy states and understand them well. M'Lady, your man is so lucky to have your strength to help him out of his down periods. He is so blessed to have you. It is especially moving to read how he comes to you after you have finished with him and clings to you, thankful to be back to you where he belongs, wow M'Lady, that is powerful. Thank you for sharing this.

Regards to You and Yours

At 9:07 am, Blogger Biff said...

Dear Mistress Kika,
Thank you for this intoxicating entry. Your concern for spirit, and showing your concern in the way that he truly desires, is commendable. I am also finding that sexual play is not only a very powerful motivator for my husband, but lowers his defenses to allow more open communication. Thus it has a twofold benefit in our relationship.
I look forward to more such entries.

At 1:42 pm, Blogger Polyfetishist said...

"I will use the powers of play to keep our connection strong and the woe’s of the world at bay."

It is quite wonderful how worship and play can banish - if only for a time - those quotidian woes.

At 5:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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