Monday, June 12, 2006

Attitude - A New and Powerful Self

The practice of Female Domination allows the Mistress to express Her power, the tough and controlling part of Herself that may be unacceptable at work or in the community. When you assume the role of Mistress, with its attendant garb, behavior, speech, and rituals, you may feel like you are becoming someone else. In the process, you will find yourself allowed to say and do things strictly forbidden in ordinary life. Paradoxically, that someone else is yourself - just a part of yourself that was hidden until you gave permission for Her to emerge. When I first discovered D/s I had a difficult time finding balance in My every day life. At home I ruled the roost, but at work I was in a submissive type of position. It took a while until I had a good ‘game face’ for work that didn’t take away from the new persona that I was incorporating into My life. Instead of being aggressive, I became assertive using the quiet power that I had learned in D/s. I was soon able to intergrate this power into all areas of My life. D/s allowed Me to accept all of Myself.

The transformation is uniquely liberating for each Woman. Letting your wicked and powerful inner self out to play is more than a sure cure for stress. In Jungian terms, it is a way of integrating your Shadow, the hidden and rejected self.

As a Mistress, you will be able to command the respect you may not otherwise receive, because on many levels, our culture devalues the female and exalts the male. It is a positive pleasure to come home from an encounter with a stupid, crude, or demeaning male to a sissy maid who worships and adores your divine femaleness. A properly trained male submissive will respect, worship, emotionally support you and help take stress away with pleasure. How refreshing!

With your new attitude, you will enjoy the thrill of defying all the deluded creatures (male and female) who taught you that men must be placated, appeased, and served. As a Mistress, you will be in charge of your male but more importantly, you will have a new and improved self-worth, which every Woman richly deserves. Just like Cleopatra, you will feel on top of the world!


At 3:58 pm, Blogger Polyfetishist said...

Sorry to write nothing more than generic fan mail but having not checked for a time I’m delighted to see you and spirit writing again. Hope the health problems are a thing of the past.

There are maybe five or six people who write with both feeling and clarity about this unique form of power exchange. And the words of those of you who do matter more than you may sometimes feel.

Especially with my beloved away it is almost healing to experience vicariously the reality of surrendered love.

Best regards to both of you as always,

At 9:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attitude-a new and powerful self.
Assertion at work,agression at home. Embrace the shadow. I'd be into hearing more-Do you teach this stuff?

At 1:37 pm, Blogger Biff said...

I get such a feeling of strength from reading this. I am only beginning to experience the power which comes from leading and training my husband to become the man both of us want him to be. I am finding that my growing confidence and authority are perceived by those around me. And my husband is finding new fulfillment in serving me. I am enjoying your writing and hope to keep reading new posts from you.


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