Monday, June 26, 2006

A Natural Progression to FemDom

The first power we all know is Female. When we were children the first authority we know is Mother, in all Her glory or fury. Father is always there in the background but in many families, it is Mother who lays down the law as it is to be followed, She who might punish but who always forgave.

Although all Women start life as Daughters, not Mothers, they must someday move forward from being a powerless child to being a Woman in authority. Becoming a Domme is one way to celebrate your innate Female strength. Indeed, every Woman, whether She becomes a Mother or chooses not to bear children, must experience the transformation into a Female authority in order to become an adult, truly Her own Mistress and to find the Goddess within.

This transformation was considerably simpler in the days when Goddess worship was the way of life. Within our patriarchal society, a Woman’s worth has been feared and suppressed with the resulting marginalization of half of the world’s population. But slowly a shift is happening. Woman and men are recognizing that the system in place doesn’t work, that it neglects the most important issues that face a Woman’s future today; Her right to live her life as she see fit with supportive males to lift Her up. As difficult as it is for a young Girl deal with Her passage into Womanhood, She must learn to accept and use Her innate Female power in order to gain the independence and control She so much deserves.

It took a while for Me to find My inner authority. I always knew it was there, strong but shy, waiting for My confidence to build up for it to be released. I feel it was one of the main reasons why I felt angry so much of the time before I discovered D/s. I was independent and self assured in knowing what I wanted but was unable to reach it. I was psychologically knocked back every time when I attempted to push the boundaries that had been set in the relationship I had. It was a very fustrating time in My life but a learning experience too. I solidified what was important to Me and gave Me the grit to go after what I wanted and to end the relationship I was in. Soon after I discovered D/s and as they say, the rest is Herstory. I heard somewhere that you can't enjoy the sweet without tasting the bitter first and oh how sweet it is being in a loving D/s relationship.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Attitude - A New and Powerful Self

The practice of Female Domination allows the Mistress to express Her power, the tough and controlling part of Herself that may be unacceptable at work or in the community. When you assume the role of Mistress, with its attendant garb, behavior, speech, and rituals, you may feel like you are becoming someone else. In the process, you will find yourself allowed to say and do things strictly forbidden in ordinary life. Paradoxically, that someone else is yourself - just a part of yourself that was hidden until you gave permission for Her to emerge. When I first discovered D/s I had a difficult time finding balance in My every day life. At home I ruled the roost, but at work I was in a submissive type of position. It took a while until I had a good ‘game face’ for work that didn’t take away from the new persona that I was incorporating into My life. Instead of being aggressive, I became assertive using the quiet power that I had learned in D/s. I was soon able to intergrate this power into all areas of My life. D/s allowed Me to accept all of Myself.

The transformation is uniquely liberating for each Woman. Letting your wicked and powerful inner self out to play is more than a sure cure for stress. In Jungian terms, it is a way of integrating your Shadow, the hidden and rejected self.

As a Mistress, you will be able to command the respect you may not otherwise receive, because on many levels, our culture devalues the female and exalts the male. It is a positive pleasure to come home from an encounter with a stupid, crude, or demeaning male to a sissy maid who worships and adores your divine femaleness. A properly trained male submissive will respect, worship, emotionally support you and help take stress away with pleasure. How refreshing!

With your new attitude, you will enjoy the thrill of defying all the deluded creatures (male and female) who taught you that men must be placated, appeased, and served. As a Mistress, you will be in charge of your male but more importantly, you will have a new and improved self-worth, which every Woman richly deserves. Just like Cleopatra, you will feel on top of the world!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dreams & D/s

I had a dream the other night about discovering an underwater village. I seem to have a lot of dreams where I am underwater but have no problem breathing. According to dream dictionaries, water represents our emotional selves and the depths that we can allow ourselves to explore those levels. Perhaps My adaptability to breathe in the water world of My dreams represents My personal acceptance of living a D/s lifestyle. Whereas vanilla people have a hard time understanding the complexities of Female lead relationships (can they breathe?), I flourish in My chosen role. There under the waves, a thriving female lead society had formed where there is little conflict and harmony rules. I am welcomed with wonder and excitement, another to join the settlement. However, My stay is brief as My journey is not yet complete. With their approval and information I have gathered, it is time to move on. I am propelled up to surface (reality?), to take with Me what I have learned about Myself and use it in the lifestyle. Back on the land, I see a tree, a large oak with no leaves but trinkets tied to every branch. I see shiny bits of metal of every shape and size swaying in the breeze yet reaching to the sky. Some have tangible shapes like a moon or a house, some un-molded, something yet to unfold. To Me this represents the many levels and distinctions in the lifestyle. The newly discovered souls who have to make their way through all the trial and tribulations of self-acceptance, to the seasoned connoisseurs of the lifestyle, the people who are inspirations to those coming into the fold. Each branch holds something a little different but W/we are all part of the same tree, the same community that accepts U/us for who W/we are. It seems that where ever W/we are going, there W/we are. I am content, I have arrived.

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