Tuesday, May 23, 2006

10 Rules for a Mistress

I saw this posted in one of the groups that I belong to. I find it to be a true and concise list for any Mistress to use as guildline in Her D/s relationships.

For a Successful Mistress

1. Control the orgasm, and you control the male.

2. To make any fantasy work, you must build suspense in your submissive.

3. Stimulation plus frustration equals service and submission.

4. Every submissive will try to test the limits of your Rule. Never let him get away with anything. He needs you to be both firm and consistent.

5. Physical pain alone cannot satisfy a submissive. (A masochist, yes.)

6. The more aroused your submissive is, the more pain he can take.

7. The more effective your psychological Dominance, the less pain you will need to inflict to control and satisfy your submissive.

8. All punishment is a balance between intensity and duration. More intense pain should last less time; if you want to prolong the punishment, use less intense stimulation.

9. Submission increases with time. As long as you maintain firm control, the longer a session lasts, the more thoroughly submissive your male will become.

10. Your control and pleasure are inextricably intertwined with his submission and pleasure.


At 2:45 pm, Blogger Her said...

oo, these are good.

Thanks :)

At 10:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i typed these up and showed my wife over the weekend and it opened up a whole world of communication between us as to my true submissive nature. she has agreed to assert more dominance over me. it feels good to be open and honest about this side of me.


At 8:13 pm, Blogger VeezKnight said...

Yes they do make a great deal of sense. I emailed them to my Goddess.

At 3:41 am, Blogger fd said...

What a wonderful list! Would You be willing to have Your Rules posted on Lady Rhiannon's Female Led Relationships Message Board?

At 6:52 pm, Blogger Mistress Kika said...

fd, feel free to post this list in whatever group that you would like to. The more Woman this list reaches, the better in My mind.

Mistress Kika


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