Sunday, March 26, 2006


It has been a long, hard few weeks for Me as I have been fighting some sort of bacterial infection that has left Me exhausted and physically weak. When you are not feeling 100%, being in a D/s relationship becomes even more of a challenge. Many Mistress’ do not like their subs to view them as fragile in mind or body, but with My relationship with spirit, it being a 24/7 one, I didn’t really have much choice. My saving grace was that spirit has been by My side during even worse times (like when I was recovering from a car accident last year). His loving service to Me has never wavered once. I am fortunate of have found a submissive that views what I perceive as My weaknesses as strengths to him, that I even allow him to view a delicate aspect of Myself. To him, that is when true strength emerges. he loves and respects Me more because of it. It also makes him feel safe with Me so he feels comfortable to show every aspect of himself.

Everyone has a vulnerable side, but it is usually buried deep within a persons psyche, only being allowed out in their darkest hours, and usually alone. Healing physical and emotional matters is best done with a trusted individual. I am very blessed…spirit heals Me with his compassionate and kind ways. I can reciprocate by being able to take him to his emotional wounds, soothe the hurt and slowly make him feel whole. It’s a time consuming exercise, but to Me, it’s what being in a D/s relationship is about. To become a more complete person and to complete each other is the very goal W/we strive for on a daily basis.


At 12:06 pm, Anonymous Richard said...

Outside of fantasies - or at least in a loving D/s relationship - you love the whole person, not just the provider of kinky thrills.

A dominant who had to live and think strictly within top space all the time would probably be miserable. Or frightening.

Best to you both.


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