Sunday, March 26, 2006


It has been a long, hard few weeks for Me as I have been fighting some sort of bacterial infection that has left Me exhausted and physically weak. When you are not feeling 100%, being in a D/s relationship becomes even more of a challenge. Many Mistress’ do not like their subs to view them as fragile in mind or body, but with My relationship with spirit, it being a 24/7 one, I didn’t really have much choice. My saving grace was that spirit has been by My side during even worse times (like when I was recovering from a car accident last year). His loving service to Me has never wavered once. I am fortunate of have found a submissive that views what I perceive as My weaknesses as strengths to him, that I even allow him to view a delicate aspect of Myself. To him, that is when true strength emerges. he loves and respects Me more because of it. It also makes him feel safe with Me so he feels comfortable to show every aspect of himself.

Everyone has a vulnerable side, but it is usually buried deep within a persons psyche, only being allowed out in their darkest hours, and usually alone. Healing physical and emotional matters is best done with a trusted individual. I am very blessed…spirit heals Me with his compassionate and kind ways. I can reciprocate by being able to take him to his emotional wounds, soothe the hurt and slowly make him feel whole. It’s a time consuming exercise, but to Me, it’s what being in a D/s relationship is about. To become a more complete person and to complete each other is the very goal W/we strive for on a daily basis.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Deep Space

Last Friday, I was relaxing at home with spirit. W/we both were feeling exhausted as W/we had both been fighting colds over the last couple of weeks. Play sessions had taken a back seat due to O/our health concerns but I was feeling frisky and decide to try to drop spirit from his top space. With a few sensual kisses and My finger tips stroking his nipples, I easily had spirit descend into has middle space, ready and eager to do as I please. I kept him that way for a while, heightening his expectation of the unexpected. I asked him to go to the bedroom, get naked and to wait for Me in his punishment position. his excited eyes widened a bit at the request as he hopped of the couch to do as asked. I love it when he does what I say immediately. It let’s Me know that what is to come will be enjoyable for both of U/us.

I was welcomed into the room with spirit so carefully holding his position with a bit of concern in his eyes. ‘i have been a good boy, Mistress…why am i being punished?’ ‘Trust Me, spirit. spirit had seemed to of forgotten the conversation W/we had a few weeks earlier where I mentioned that I would not punish him this way for any of his misbehavior, (I have other methods that are much more effective than physical punishment). O/our physical punishment sessions would be for pleasure only. he need not have worried, he was in good hands.

I ran My lightly ran My fingertips over his back and buttocks, circling his torso making My way up to his nipples and down to his balls. I grabbed his balls and wrapped a silk scarf around them a few times and tied it tight. His balls looked lovely as the swung there wrapping in My hot pink scarf. I choose My crop and lightly smack his butt, gradually striking harder as My other hand caresses his now sensitive skin. As his skin slowly reddened, I decided to switch to My large flogger as I rhythmically struck his body. I moved it along his upper back and down to the bottom of his feet. Whimpers quietly escaped his lips. I reached down, pulled up his head and kissed him firmly, (much to his surprise) as I circled My arms around his torso to pull at his nipples. ‘hello spirit…are you with Me still? Where are you?’ Hardly any sound escaped lips but his eyes, oh his eyes, dilated & wide, primal with excitement. I kissed him again, feeling the raw hunger of his soul. Soaking in sweat, he was deep, deeper than he had ever been before into his sub space, his happy place. I then switched to My small flogger and had him kneel up on the bed, arms over head, fully exposed to Me as I flogged his chest, arms, thighs and groin area. his head hung down as he received each blow, but there was a smile on his lips. I directed him to get on his hands & knees again as I grabbed his stiff member. With firm, direct hits to his buttocks, I began the last stage of his session. With each strike, I pulled on his cock at the same time. I increased force with each strike while pulling on his cock, as he was groaning in bliss. he exploded in rapture while his whole body intensely shook for a few minutes. After he came back to Me, I held him gently in My arms while he joyfully wept, and expressed gratefulness of having such a wonderful Mistress.

It’s a tremendously powerful experience to take someone to that level, and I am delighted that I am able to take spirit there. It takes Me to My Dom space, My happy place to have that ability.

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