Friday, February 03, 2006

Perhaps an addition....

In the last few months, I have had a few discussions with spirit in regards to adding a female submissive to O/our household. Not just any one, she must be someone keen on service and training, someone who is worthy to wear My collar. Since spirit is My alpha male, I take his feelings very seriously in regards to this and weigh the pro’s & con’s of how adding someone else to O/our household would affect O/our relationship. It can be a very exciting time but there are a few pit falls to beware of, such as sub jealously. Initially spirit was unsure of what it would mean to U/us and him, but when he realized that I wouldn’t make the decision to take on a new sub without him feeling comfortable with it, he relaxed and stated to look forwards to the experience. Perhaps he would find that he may have a sister in submission, someone to share his feelings with in a way only subbies can understand.

I started to look after Christmas for a suitable female who would be a good fit within My expectations. I received many inquires but one stood out to Me and I decided to follow up with her. To date, W/we have been talking online, learning about each other and whether things could work out within the situation I was presenting to her. I have had her complete a BDSM checklist, and many of the things she enjoys overlaps into what I could take pleasure in or have experienced. So far I have found her polite, attentive, sincere and keen to learn. W/we have decided to meet up next week for coffee, to see if the chemistry is the same in real time. I have named her L’il kiki and I hope that the promise of O/our conversations turns into many meaningful experiences for A/all of U/us.


At 6:07 am, Anonymous Trish the Crossdresser said...

I think and addition would be a nice move for the both of you more so I would like to see L'il Asha interact with your new female addition. I think it would be a way
to further show how a L'il Asha how s/he should act and behave. It would be a real erotic scene to see the both of them in training wearing just some very sexy
lingerie. I just wonder how L'il Asha would feel being in the presence of another female dressed in lingerie.....hmmm what a turn on that would be, I am sure it would
be very amusing for all. I look forward to hearing more about this potential addition to your family of submission.

I enjoy your blog very much and thank you for sharing



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