Monday, February 13, 2006

The Importance of Rituals

One of the first things I did when I had decided to collar spirit was to teach him a few simple daily rituals that would maintain O/our D/s link at all times. I feel that these straightforward routines help spirit maintain focus on his set tasks and keeps O/our chosen roles firmly established within O/our TPE relationship.

The first ritual that I taught spirit was his greeting position. Upon Me arriving home from work, spirit must be waiting in the front room, kneeling straight up with his palms resting upwards on his thighs, collar in hand. (note: spirit is collared in My presence only. I remove his collar before I leave the house as this allows spirit to perform functions for Me in the vanilla world without advertising to others O/our Lifestyle choice. he does wear a silver chain 24/7 which he is not allowed to take off as a constant reminder of his ownership to Me).

When I arrive, he greets Me with a warm hug, holding his collar out so I may place it upon his neck. Once done, spirit sinks from his top space to his marginally down space, ever ready to do whatever bidding that I choose with happiness shining in his eyes.

A couple of other rituals I have established involves O/our morning and bed time routines. When I get up in the morning for work, I gently wake spirit up and he dutifully makes Me coffee, My breakfast and packs a lunch for Me while I shower and get ready for work. Since spirit his fulfilling his role of ‘boywife’ right now, he has the time to do this. I know in the future this will not always be, so I am taking full advantage of his lack of time constraints. With a hug and kiss, he sees Me off every work day like this. It makes U/us both feel cherished and gives a high-quality start to the day. In the evening, I must go to bed earlier than spirit. his routine begins by placing a glass of water beside the bed, turning down the sheets and waiting for Me to arrive. Once I am in bed, he gives Me a 10 – 15 minute foot rub to help Me relax and get ready to sleep. I feel completely pampered and taken cared of, and spirit feels wonderful that he can serve Me and worship Me in this manner.

W/we have achieved a level of intimacy with a few, simple rituals without the overt sexual tones of a BDSM scene. By creating a few rewarding procedures for spirit to follow it has brought U/us to a deeper understanding of how to fulfill O/our roles and each O/others needs within O/our relationship.


At 3:49 pm, Blogger sub hubbie said...

Thanks for sharing this.

My Mistress instituted a ritual in our relationship where she gives me 6 strokes of the cane every day to remmind me of my position. This has been going on for many months now. I do not look forward to it, but I miss it if I do not get it. I don't miss the pain, but I miss the remminder of Her acceptance of my service, which I value so highly.


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