Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bits & bites

Life has just been humming along with spirit and I, keeping U/us so busy that it’s hard for Me to make the time to update here. I have been involved with work, studying, continued training for spirit and looking for a female sub worthy to own. There was one fem-sub that I was interested in. However, I misread her sincerity and will continue My search.

spirit has been busy with web design, learning how to play guitar and also how to cook, which he is finding that he is very proficient at. I’m continually impressed with the level of finesse that he applies to the meals that he prepares. I will encourage spirit to start up a cooking photo journal that will detail the wonderful meals that he has been creating. It is such a treat to come home and have a gourmet meal waiting for Me. It is an excellent skill to acquire for any sub.

This last weekend spirit and I attended a same sex wedding (lesbian). It’s was a beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony (where else in Canada can you even imagine an outdoor wedding in February, except Vancouver!). Both women looked fantastic and very much in love. It was a pleasure to attend and witness their bonding. W/we wish them many years of happiness. W/we are also fortunate to live in a country that is accepting of different lifestyles and recognizes that love takes many shapes and forms. I feel that there is a slow an inner awakening at hand within society, something wonderful that has been a long time in the coming. I believe that with acceptance and respect W/we will all be able to live the lives W/we choose without secrecy or shame. I look forwards to that day.


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