Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Reply to whyguys

This is a response to a comment that I received from My L'll Asha post.

Truly envious of l'il asha's training and blossoming at your hands, yet
also can understand those moments of rebellion when she desperately
fears the surrender of "manhood". As one who has spent most of my nearly
60 years on the planet having strong conflicting fear/fascination
responses to sex role-reversal, Female Supremacy, and feminization, I've
lived perhaps a generation too late to have had the kind of opportunities
that allowed spirit to become asha.

Still, I'm wondering on your part, how do you deal with her periods of
asserting or trying to revert to "masculine" identity. Also, as the
process of asha's feminization further develops, do you feel you may be
able to head off such unwanted behaviour merely by more openly exerting
force because the balance of power will so much more be seen to be
naturally yours as a matter of fact? Another question is, ideally how far
and complete would you enjoy seeing asha's feminine persona evolve, and
ultimately how extensive do you see this reversal of sexual roles as
becoming very prevalent in society in general? Would you like to see such
a fairly complete turnabout of sexual roles and behaviour?

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I hope that I can answer your thought provoking questions with as much eloquence as you stated them. I frequently have to deal with spirit trying to over take l'il asha's persona. It can be very frustrating at times as I try to encourage him to embrace l'll asha since truly, it is part of who he is. When spirit is trash talking asha, I usually try to be understanding of what he is saying but a slight reprimand for him isn't far behind as I point out l'll asha's good points and how exploring her persona will help him feel more complete. When that approach doesn't work, a good paddling helps too. I'm sure that you realize that spirit is a submissive from reading My blog and sometimes putting him back in sub space helps alleviate the tension of his struggle with accepting l'll asha. Everyone has aspects of themselves that they have to eventually accept, and spirit is no execption. With love, understanding, and My easy acceptance of l'll asha, hopefully this will make the transition for spirit easier. Also note that spirit has only acknowledged this side of himself within the last year. As time goes on, it will be easier for him to accept and way more fun to explore. I do hope that in the future, I will be able to go out in public with l'll asha, but only time will tell. spirit has told Me that is a hard limit for him, and at this time, I'll have to agree. But one can never tell what the future holds ;)

As far as sexual role reversal in general society, I don't know if it will completely ever become a female dominated society, even if that would be preference for Me. I believe there will always be male Doms and Female Dommes as there will always be male and female subs and people who fall in between. I would hope to see a more equalization happen between the sexes and that is slowly morphing into being. Who knows how far it will go, but I await with quiet expectation that females will be treated with the respect and opportunities they all deserve by the males in O/our society, regardless of Domme or sub perfernces.


At 7:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

absolutly true

At 8:50 pm, Anonymous whyguys said...

Just now was surfing and came across your gracious answer to my question of nearly a year ago. It thrills me and gives me some solace to know that at least somewhere the scenarios that have so tormented my imagination are being lived out to the benefit of real couples.

Hope in the year since L'll Asha has accepted her place in your relationship and been a joy to you.....


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