Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Multitude of Pleasures

The last few weeks spirit has been extremely attentive to My needs which I find absolutely wonderful. There are always moments of brattiness but I have noticed a shift within spirit to do better, to be better and not only for Me but for himself too. Perhaps he has come to a certain level of acceptance of himself or is grateful for all the small delights in his life…I don’t know. But what I do know is that I am so very happy with My life and spirits part in it.

Let Me detail a few things that have shifted.

- spirit has decided to cook more often. And not just regular cooking, oh no, he’s pulling out the recipe books and making remarkable dishes that are flavorful and creative, with the first attempt of making it. It makes dinner a special time for U/us to share and gives Me more time to do other things important to Me, like working on My psychology course.

-spirit has become more attuned to My pampering needs and has taken direction in regards to skincare for l’il asha. spirit gives Me a little foot massage every night before I go to bed to help Me relax before I slept. he also was allowed to give Me a pedicure last week and completed the task with assured precision. Before when he was asked to complete this task, he was hesitant and only reluctantly performed it with less than desirable results. He has been allowed to draw a bath and wash Me, which was rendered in a gentle loving way. I was truly feeling worshiped, and like the queen he says I am. It is a wonderful way to make a more powerful bond with your sub. I gave l’il asha a facial with a cucumber peel-off mask. her skin felt silky & soft, which will help her with make-up application. W/we will soon be making this a weekly ritual.

- spirit is learning how to Latin dance. I love any dancing and I am fortunate that spirit enjoys it too. I always found he had a good sense of rhythm. W/we went to a salsa night last weekend at a local club and he eagerly wanted to learn how to Salsa properly. W/we were fortunately to have a dance lesson that evening before the place got hopping. However, spirit felt it wasn’t enough of a lesson and wants to learn how to not only do it properly, but how to move with Me, so that I will be pleased with him. So since I know how to Salsa and a few other moves, last night was lesson #1. his eagerness is such a turn on and well, I love too teach, (sorta goes with the territory, don’t you think?) It will take a bit more practice but I know within a short time, W/we will be tearing up the dance floors with the sensuous spins and dips of Latin dancing. In My mind, it’s the closest thing to making love in public.

Now, many may be thinking that all this sounds very vanilla and on the surface, yes, that may be true. However, W/we live in a 24/7 D/s relationship and let Me tell you, being involved with this lifestyle has a lot more to do with your mindset than in the clothing you wear. Don’t get Me wrong, I love doing scenes, dressing up with spirit and l’il asha, but that aspect is only a part of the lifestyle. When you live & breathe it, it takes on a whole different dimension, it’s part of who you are. In some ways, it’s like living the tantric life.


At 7:53 am, Blogger Destiny and her pet chance said...

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I enjoyed reading your posts.

I had asked my pet to start a blog here to document our journey in the lifestyle, in his search he found your postings and was taken with the similarities in our directions and after reading your words I have to agree.

We are also living 24/7 and our one year anniversary is a month away - its been a wonderful journey and its refreshing to see that there are others as happy as we are.

Ms Diana and her terri

At 8:39 pm, Blogger Mistress Kika said...

Greetings Ms. Diana & terri,

Thanks for the comments. I'm glad that you enjoy reading My blog and have found similarities in it. O/our lifestyle can be so very wonderful when you are open to the avenues that it presents. Congratulations on your imminent 1st anniversary also. I wish you many more years of continued happiness. Follow your bliss....

Warm regards,

Mistress Kika

At 7:48 am, Anonymous frederik said...

Mistress Kika!

My Queen wish to thank you for your wise words. i'm told to tell you, that for my Queen the best and direct way to make a man submissive and also a cuckold is to go into his mind and take his will - and in the same time use the single tail. Face slapping is at least a good experience giving my Queen joy and happiness.

If a slave shall fear the whip, he shall know it.

i do fear the whip, but i also fear not to be whipped once in a while, because i know, that using the whip gives my Queen joyfull moments.

Used right the whip at the same time gives me pain and humiliate me.

Humiliation is at very strong tool in my Queens hands. I know the feeling og drinking her urine, whilde she is enjoying a glass of wine. i Know the emotions, when a more handsom man with a big cock is making love to here, while i'm handcuffed laying on the floor.

As a beautifull ladys slave i know, that's the way it should be.

On behalf of my Queenm
slave john


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