Thursday, August 04, 2005

A weekend of shared delights

This last weekend spirit and I wanted to spend sometime at the beach but instead became diverted with shopping. Well shopping and the fact that it clouded over making going to the beach a bit useless. W/we found a pair of leather pants for spirit that looks so sexy on him. he thought that they were too tight but I think they are tight where they are meant to be and properly fitted everywhere else. his little butt looks so yummy in them. The best thing is that W/we can now go out to the local Fet night since Fet attire is strictly adhered to. So I wanted to go check out the club that it’s held at, Club 23, just to see how it was before W/we would go to the Fet night. This weekend hosted Pride Parade here and the club was celebrating Pride with ‘Lesbians on the Loose’ night. W/we still decided to check out the club and it turned out to be a really great time. I found it quite amusing that spirit was the one getting hit on by a gay man instead of Me being hit on by the women. Overall it had a relaxed, fun atmosphere with great dance tunes. W/we are looking forwards to attending the upcoming Fet night on Aug 13th.

W/we checked out the Pride Parade on Sunday. It was the first one that spirit had attended and I think it was rather therapeutic and fun for him to view. I made a few comments about how perhaps L’il asha might like to make an appearance for the next parade. Who knows, perhaps by next year she will overcome her shyness and join in the fun. Pride is not just about gays anymore even though that is the main focus. It’s all about alternative lifestyles with trans-gendered people and groups from the local BDSM community making their presence known. The main theme is about acceptance of all members of the community, vanilla, bi-sexual or other. It was a fantastic time. Later that day W/we went to Splashdown park and got O/our pants wet, lol. I just love waterslides and I’m happy that spirit enjoys they just as much as I do.

A foot note for the weekend, W/we had a few scenes and they were so wonderful. W/we felt a new deepened level of contentment that W/we haven’t experienced before. I felt positively delicious the whole time. spirit is a yummy treat that just keeps on giving. Love & licks to you, sweetness.


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