Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Power of Touch

When I had first decided to keep spirit and collar him, he was quite unresponsive to My touch much to his and My dismay. Initially I took it as a personal affront, his unresponsiveness was somehow due to My lack of ability as a Mistress. he stated to Me many times that this was not the case, that there wasn’t any question with Me as a Mistress and he couldn’t understand why his body was acting that way. When the mind is willing, the body doesn’t always follow. I soon realized that the issue was his lack of training in real physical erotic experience, (he had plenty of mental already). It was time to start to explore the power of touch.

So very slowly did I start to train him in mild scenes. Nails lightly scratching against flesh on his buttocks, feathery caresses along the torso, soft pinching on his nipples…slowly bringing up the sensitivity to these areas of skin. Within a span of a few weeks, his responsiveness increased dramatically. I have him trained now, to the point that I can play and tease with his nipples alone and I can make him cum. Now that is the ultimate in the power of touch to Me. With a mer touch, spirit can anticipate what will come and will shiver with responsiveness to Me. As I have found out, discipline and control doesn’t always has to come in the form of punishment.


At 1:40 pm, Blogger Jack said...

You are a very good mistress. To make someone cum by touch, I find that very appealing, and I like the tease.

At 5:29 am, Anonymous Little Miss Prissy said...

i have always found that a Woman's touch on my nipples sends me immediately into sub space. i have very large and erogenous nipples for a male, and the (non-prodomme) Women i have served have usually been excited and overjoyed to learn that i can be controlled by manipulation of my nipples, up to and including nipple torture. my first Mistress (my ex-Wife), upon discovering this fact, declared my nipples to be my "on/off buttons" and/or my "volume controls," meaning that, while using me for sexual intercourse, she was able to control the level of my intensity by Her control of my nipples -- all, of course, in the service of Her own pleasure. It is wonderful to read of a genuinely Female Supremacist D/s relationship.

At 7:26 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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