Wednesday, August 24, 2005


As of August 22, it has been 1 year since spirit and I have been together. My oh my, how the time flies. But I have to admit, even though W/we have had O/our issues, this last year has been the best yet in My life. The freedom I have found by living within a D/s lifestyle has been so thoroughly refreshing. I also know that spirit has found himself more this last year that any other year that he has been on this earth. The greatest realization though is that W/we have only just begun this journey…there are so many more avenues to explore, leaves to turn over. I feel like I’m constantly being re-born on a regular basis, looking at the world with fresh eyes. Many people fail to realize that being in a D/s relationship is so much more than the sexualized fantasies that are in abundance on the internet, in stories or photos. A big part of D/s to Me is the unconditional love and support that a sub can give his Mistress. spirit has shown Me plenty of that unconditional love this last year, even at times when I felt I was completely undeserving of it. What a gift he is in My life. I cherish the times when L’il Asha shyly emerges and treasure the boundless energy spirit has to share with Me. It has been a grand adventure so far and I affectionately look forwards to another extraordinary year of discovery within the realm of D/s.


At 11:04 am, Blogger spirit said...

Happy Anniversary Mistress. I am so happy to be yours :) and to have You as Mine.


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