Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Make-up lesson

I requested L’il Asha to greet Me when I came home from work the other day. I had her dress up in her black skirt, a little black T-shirt with Piceses sign on it in blue sequins, bra (boobies) thong and her high-heeled black sandals or course. she was waiting in her greeting position with collar in hand in gentle anticipation. she knew that I had a surprise for her when I got home. It turned out to be a makeup lesson for L’il Asha. If you are going to be a true sissy, make-up is essential to complete your look. I had her go to the bathroom with Me and instead of putting the make-up on her Myself, I had her follow My instructions. I figured that way it would make more of an impression upon her mind and be easier for her to apply next time. I had her put on conceallor stick to brighten up under her eyes and outline the lower lids in black pencil. Then a lovely and oh so feminine pink eye shadow on the top lids with a chocolate brown contour line for that smoldering, sexy look, topped off with a champagne glittery powder under the brows. her look was completed with a bit of pink lip-gloss and some matte powder. In no time, L’il Asha was looking as glamorous as a movie star. I was amazed at how sexy she looked, (and I think so was she). When I took her first kiss after she applied her lip-gloss, her slippery, sexy lips put Me over the edge. A session was brewing here! she had pleased Me so immensely with her shy willingness to learn make-up application that I had to reward her.

L’il Asha loves having her butt played with so first & foremost, I had her expose herself to Me by raising her skirt and going on the bed on her hands & knees. I could see was excited as much as I was. Then with some caressing and teasing I had her plugged up and ready for her spanking. she loves that so much too…I had her thanking Me and begging Me for more. In the end she was rewarded with a mind-blowing cum. As W/we cuddled after our session, she thanked Me for helping her explore her sissy side and for loving her as much as I do. I explained that I love her as well as spirit very much and look forwards to explore all of who they are. I’m thinking wig shopping is next on the agenda…


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