Saturday, July 30, 2005

A few of My favourite things....

Last Saturday I was having a lazy morning in bed, feeling happy and a bit silly with the pleasure of waking up to spirit every morning. For some reason a song from the movie "Sound of Music" came to mind..."These are a few of My favorite things" and I started to improvise on it in a BDSM way. Below is what I came up with:

Lipstick and nylons and long silky sashes
Hand cuffs and gag balls and 20 swift lashes
Latex and leather and stretchy cock rings
These are a few of My favourite things...

Corsets and thigh boots and hot wax for dripping
Butt plugs and KY and humblers for gripping
Dildos and tatoos and multiple piercings
These are a few of My favorite things...

When the whip cracks
When the paddle smacks
When My sub is tied down low
he thinks of a few of O/our favourite things
and he can let go..........

Somehow I think Julie Andrews wouldn't approve but spiirt is definately looking forwards to O/our next session. What do you think???

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A day in the life of….

As I get up in the morning & rush around the place getting ready for work, spirit is up and making coffee, My lunch & breakfast for Me. It is a routine that W/we have developed since spirit isn’t working at the moment. I'm sure it will change in the future but for now this works well for U/us. W/we share a few moments during breakfast before I head off to work, sometimes watching TV or having him by My feet as I eat breakfast. The later is usually when he has displeased Me the evening before and is trying to make up for it. It amazes Me how late night brattiness can turn into deep submission in the morning. I wonder at times if it is because he knows that punishment is in his near future that he shows this small act of mercy towards Me. I have given him a mercy position to use but he rarely chooses to use it since I don’t relent much when he does use it. Perhaps if he choose to practice it more, I would be more lenient **hint to you spirit**

he has the official title of boywife and has a daily list of duties to complete to please Me. Sometime he finishes them in a timely manner, sometimes not. I find it a challenge to keep his training on-going when I feel that he should of learned some of his tasks completely but has not. It is always a process…I might not always understand how he assimilates information but in the end, he does get it. I always love him for who he is and sometime trying your best can be just as good.

During the day while I am at work, he’s at home, completing his duties and spending time on the computer, which some Mistress’ disapprove of. I allow him free reign, as I do trust him and he also willingly emails Me achieves of all conversations he has with other Mistress’. When I come home from work, spirit or L’il asha is waiting for Me in the greeting position with collar in hand.

I love the fact that spirit is finally allowing himself to explore who L’il asha is and all the fun W/we can have together. I am happy that L’il asha is becoming more comfortable with Me and showing herself more & more in O/our daily lives. It keeps things exciting and fresh between U/us.

I requested L'il asha to greet Me when I came home the other day. she looked as lushious as ever and had even put on a bit of make up for Me. I found the attempt mildly erotic and approved her efforts. she's a smarty-pants as that earned her a loving session. I had her assume her play position as I readied the toys that W/we were going to play with that day. I'm happy to see that L'il asha's tollerence of the crop has increased dramatically, not only does she enjoy it so, but eagerly asks for more. When she was highly aroused, I inserted her plug and slowly stroked her until she came. The way she moans and shakes is such an incredible turn on that I had her give Me oral until I released also. Cuddling is a big part of 'after play' in any session with L'il asha since after her release spirit starts to emerge and becomes embarrased and shy. I'm slowly training spirit to know that the transformation is a wonderful thing. They are one and both who make up the complete person, who I care and love so much. his acceptance is slow but emerging. I'm so grateful that I can be part of such a wonderful D/s relationship as is spirit & L'il asha.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A question of Balance

Balance…a concept that brings to mind a myriad of images: a gymnast on a beam, a scale with equal weights, work vs. play or good vs. evil. Balance is required in O/our daily lives in order to have good health or satisfying relationships. It is a key essential in any relationship but especially important within a D/s relationship. If balance isn’t achieved then it’s pretty much guaranteed that the relationship isn’t going to last. As cliché as it sounds, it is a fine line - one that gets crossed occasionally from both parties. How many times have you heard of ‘topping from the bottom’ in regards to subs? How many times do you hear about Mistress’ being excessively demanding with little regard for Her sub/s? When is too much, too much?

I have recently read posts in some of the various groups that I belong to in regards to this. Within a D/s relationship, ultimately the Mistress has the final say in whatever choice is to be decided. But I find in My relationship that having input from spirit is important to Me so I can make sound decisions in whatever needs to be decided on. It makes for strong relationship. I feel that it is a Mistress’ responsibility to do what is best for the couple, not just what is best for Herself and vis-a-versa.

D/s relationships are consensual. The dominance that a sub look towards in their Mistress, and not just in a sexual sense, makes the bottoms gift of submission that much more intense than any vanilla relationship. Once that balance is tipped one way or the other, resentment and disagreement build until there is very little to base the relationship on. Where does the D/s stop within a 24/7 relationship and the vanilla aspects intrude?

W/we all live in a vanilla world and there are responsibilities within that realm that must take precedence regardless of O/our emotional & physical ties to D/s. Unless you are a Pro-Domme, most people’s work are pretty vanilla. Is it fair for a Mistress to ask her sub to changes careers because it doesn’t fit what she believes in, regardless of the income level? Is quantity vs. quality of D/s playtime worth financial hardships that is may cause some subs or their families? These are hard questions that must be addressed before the D/s relationship develops to any deep level. A sub in one of the groups is facing this very situation and I truly feel for him. he must provide for his Mistress and their family, which he does quite nicely, but the sacrifice is time away from them. If he chooses to change career paths there will be a large financial decrease and his ability to provide will be diminished. I feel that for him this is a no win situation with whatever he decides to do and what a tragedy that is.

I know that within My relationship with spirit, W/we are loving, open and sensitive to each other’s feelings and concerns. I respect spirit as a person, and as My sub I would never do anything to compromise the trust that he has placed in Me to manage O/our lives together. Sometimes the responsibility is overwhelming but with understanding each other’s motivations and O/our mutual goals of making this relationship work, I have the sense that O/our scales are perfectly balanced. I know that W/we will both work hard to maintain that balance too. Love to you spirit.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Make-up lesson

I requested L’il Asha to greet Me when I came home from work the other day. I had her dress up in her black skirt, a little black T-shirt with Piceses sign on it in blue sequins, bra (boobies) thong and her high-heeled black sandals or course. she was waiting in her greeting position with collar in hand in gentle anticipation. she knew that I had a surprise for her when I got home. It turned out to be a makeup lesson for L’il Asha. If you are going to be a true sissy, make-up is essential to complete your look. I had her go to the bathroom with Me and instead of putting the make-up on her Myself, I had her follow My instructions. I figured that way it would make more of an impression upon her mind and be easier for her to apply next time. I had her put on conceallor stick to brighten up under her eyes and outline the lower lids in black pencil. Then a lovely and oh so feminine pink eye shadow on the top lids with a chocolate brown contour line for that smoldering, sexy look, topped off with a champagne glittery powder under the brows. her look was completed with a bit of pink lip-gloss and some matte powder. In no time, L’il Asha was looking as glamorous as a movie star. I was amazed at how sexy she looked, (and I think so was she). When I took her first kiss after she applied her lip-gloss, her slippery, sexy lips put Me over the edge. A session was brewing here! she had pleased Me so immensely with her shy willingness to learn make-up application that I had to reward her.

L’il Asha loves having her butt played with so first & foremost, I had her expose herself to Me by raising her skirt and going on the bed on her hands & knees. I could see was excited as much as I was. Then with some caressing and teasing I had her plugged up and ready for her spanking. she loves that so much too…I had her thanking Me and begging Me for more. In the end she was rewarded with a mind-blowing cum. As W/we cuddled after our session, she thanked Me for helping her explore her sissy side and for loving her as much as I do. I explained that I love her as well as spirit very much and look forwards to explore all of who they are. I’m thinking wig shopping is next on the agenda…

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