Monday, June 13, 2005

The birth of L'il Asha

Over the last month or so I have been exploring the realm of x-dressing with spirit. W/we had discussed this area many times and even though spirit wanted to delve into it, he was hesitant because of his own insecurities around it. he felt that x-dressing somehow took away from who he was. I always found this train of thought of his interesting. If he is a submissive, into BDSM and was ok with that why would this be an area of concern? W/we can play dress-up but it will never take away from the man he is or how I feel about him. Now it is true that many other men and some women too, who are not into the lifestyle would judge and I’m sure this is part of his insecurity. But W/we are starting off slowly, in private with no one to judge or humiliate which is bringing out this new side of spirit.

I first noticed this side of spirit when I first met him when W/we were in a scene and he was submerged in sub-space. he would prance around, making feminine movements subconsciously which I found highly entertaining & arousing. When I would ask him about how he was feeling at that time, he would always down play what I was observing, to the point of saying that he said it was a limit of his. But when you get to know someone well, you start to understand the motivations behind many actions and I sensed that there was a part of spirit that he had trapped away and hidden from himself which only came out in subspace. I decided it was high time to slightly push that limit.

It was also helpful for Me to have a girlfriend of Mine who had a partner who x-dressed before. Due to medical reasons he is no longer with U/us but My friend retained all of his fem accessories. Over the last few months She has given Me countless items that I have passed on spirit. I have had spirit dress up partially to be My girly-man on occasion but have finally enough for him to dress up in full ensemble, from the thong underwear, black strapy shoes, shirt, bra & boobies too. I must say that with the full look, spirit was looking not only sexy but also not so much like spirit. So I have created a new name for spirit while he is in x-dress mode. It was the birth of L’il Asha, so sweet and sexy, willing to do anything her Mistress.

When I came home last Thursday, I asked spirit for L’il Asha to greet Me in her sexy shoes, underwear, bra and one of My sweaters that she could choose that she thought would please Me. I also asked her to wear some blush on her cheeks to look ever so pretty for Me. I came home and she was in her greeting position, looking gorgeous and a bit shy too. she likes to come out & play but feels insecure about My feelings for her. I reassured her that I love her just as much as spirit and nothing could every change that. This reassured her and made her feel a bit more confident with who she was becoming. I decided to reward her with a play scene. “Come l’il asha, you are rewarded with a cum”. During the scene I continually reinforced asha’s new presence, saying things like, “how are you feeling asha, My little one, asha loves Mistress’ attention doesn’t she” etc…you get the picture. And asha did love it…as she slipped deep in to sub-space, deeper than she had ever gone before she felt comfortable and accepted that this fem-persona was part of spirit and was here to stay. Welcome l’il asha…I foresee many pleasant experiences for U/us all in the future.

Friday, June 10, 2005

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