Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Traveling with spirit

spirit & I went away to the Island a couple of weekend ago. I used to live there but he is fairly new to the region and had never been there to visit. It was great time playing tour guide and showing spirit all the Island’s hidden treasures.

Being in a D/s relationship can be challenging when you are out of your regular environment. I had spirit wear his bonding necklace that I made for him that lays next to his skin as a constant reminder of who he belongs to and so he doesn’t forget his place with Me while W/we are in public. W/we have been together long enough for him to know that certain signals - a glance or hand movement means I require him to do something for Me. I find this works well so he can serve Me in a consistent capacity without outside observers noticing. W/we were fortunate to be traveling with a very good friend of Mine who knows about O/our special relationship and accepts it without judgement. It made spirit much more comfortable with PDA and service towards Me. It was also a test for spirit too. W/we would be spending a lot of time with women only and I was curious to see how he would react in that situation. Some subs only show respect for their Mistress and become quite bratty when dealing with other Women. With spirit, he believes in Female Supremacy with the notion of showing reverence for all Women. It was a pleasure to watch spirit rise to the occasion and help out other Woman throughout the weekend in any way possible he could. It made Me feel proud that the training he was leaning was taking hold and becoming second nature for him. Of course people just thought he was charming but I knew better.

spirit even shone more the next weekend when W/we went on a camping trip with a bunch of friends…some who know about O/our D/s connection, some who suspect and some who are clueless. It was a good time even if it was a bit wet that weekend. spirit was always helpful, full of humor and up for whatever adventure W/we could come up with. W/we went on a small hike to a waterfall, down to the lake and off to the local hot springs to warm up a bit half way through the weekend.

Overall it was a good experience for both of U/us. I look forwards to taking off on O/our next adventure, perhaps camping again or a road trip to the interior.


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