Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Sunday Scene

A couple of Sunday’s ago, I did a scene with spirit. I was feeling very frisky and was in the mood to try something that spirit & I had been training for in the last few months. I instructed spirit to wait for Me in his punishment position in O/our bedroom after he removed his clothes. I love seeing him in nothing but his collar. I put My hair up in haphazard pig tails, puffed out in a wild & sexy way. I had nothing on except the black strap on that I had purchased a few months ago. I have been training spirit with a butt plug, letting him get used to the feeling of the plug filling him up, so he can work up to take the 6” dong. he wasn’t sure what to expect this time but when he saw Me standing over him, flogger in had with the black strap-on, the excitement in his eyes grew.

I started with light flogging, working up to a medium stroke so I could take a few items off of his punishment list. I kept rubbing his bottom with the dong, making him feel it, knowing that I wouldn’t be long before I felt ready to take him. To get him prepared, I knelt on the bed beside his head and had him suck it, deep throat it, totally pushing him over the edge in his sub-space. he was putty in My hands, eager & willing to do anything for Me. I told him that I wanted to try to insert the dong up his ass this session, and for him to tell Me if it was too much. I’m not into hurting him…I want him to enjoy every minute of what I do with him. Only when I can build up his tolerance will I start to become more rough with him and O/our sessions. I found his willingness exceedingly erotic, and quickly applied the lube for insertion. I pulled his balls and stroked him while I slowly inserted the dong, only going in an inch to see how he could take it. Surprisingly he asked for more which I happily gave. To My great amazement he was able to take it all in, all 6 thick inches of it. I was so pleased and loved hearing him moan as I took his ass. And needless to say he was rock hard the whole time while I did this and it wasn't long before he came. W/we snuggled after it was over while he came back to the real world. It was such an great experience for both of U/us. I just loved it and was so turned on by taking him this way as he was by recieving Me. I look forwards to the next encounter!


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