Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Intimate readings

On Sunday W/we had a wonderful, loving scene that included reading and worship. After a long, stressful week spirit could see that some foot worship was in order to help Me relax. I have a throne chair at home where I stationed Myself as I waited for spirit to ready the implements of his worship: a foot basin filled with warm water, soft towels, a foot pumice, light floral scented soap, massage oil & nail polish. spirit was only wearing his girlie thong underwear that I had given him and his collar, just the way I like to have him dressed in any scene. As I sat there in dark green teddy, I had a book in My hands that I wanted to read to spirit while he worked on My pedicure. It’s a called “The Maerlande Chronicles” by Élisabeth Vonarburg, a great Canadian SF writer translated from French to English. It's a fantastic book based on female supremacy with a bit of matriarchy thrown in for good measure. I had lent the book to spirit to read for himself, however some of the terminology was a bit advanced for him and was having a difficult time understanding it. I would like to point out that spirit's native tongue in NOT English even though he is fluent in speaking it now which is why this book was a difficult read for him. So as a treat I wanted to read it to him and explain the concepts when he had any questions about the content. As he started My foot bath, I quietly read to him, as he periodically interrupted with well thought out questions. I can honestly say that I find reading to someone else very intimate even more so in some ways than an erotic session. It also brings out a multitude of teacher/student feelings. I feel that it is a very loving way to spend time with anyone. To have spirit at My feet, giving Me a pedicure while showing anticipated interest in the story. W/we were only able to get through a few chapters but that was fine..contentment was felt by both of U/us.

When I finished reading, as spirit finished painting My toes he started to give Me a leg rub working up to My sacred spot. I was feeling so wonderful, sensual, erotic so I decided it was high time for some oral worship & spirit eagerly got to business. It was such a nice visual...spirit on hands & knees, licking & sucking as I had My legs wrapped around his torso, feet gently resting on his back. spirit loves to worship Me this way but I didn't realize how much so. As I was approaching climax moaning with delight, spirit was moaning also and W/we actually came at the same time. I couldn't believe it as he wasn't touching himself at all. His hands were busy supporting his body weight while he was on all fours. It just goes to show you how the brain is the largest sexual organ and how with the proper training, you can make a sub truly your own. I look forwards to O/our next reading.


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