Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Relaxation technique

I did a scene on the weekend with spirit to help him relax before the wedding. He was feeling really awful, sickly & anxious and I thought putting him in sub-space for a while would help him a lot.

he had a fever and that is usually caused by constipation, so I decided to give him an enema to clean him out and enhance any anal play later. Just for him to be put into that position, on the floor, naked with himself exposed to Me, waiting for insertion, not really knowing what to expect but trusting in Me put him in sub-space more quickly than I expected. I made it into a bit of a ritual, having him assume My worship position & wait for Me, filling the bottle & making sure that the water isn’t too hot, lubing up his anus, the gentle insertion and then the water flowing in. It took about 4 minutes for the bottle to empty inside him. After it was complete, he was allowed to sit on his towel, holding the water inside until he couldn’t anymore. As I stood in front him while he was on the toilet, the humiliation and embarrassment of Me being with him while he emptied himself was paramount. he looked up in My eyes as I held him, overwhelmed with feelings. Along with the waste being emptied from his body, his stress and anxiety started to release too as he visibly relaxed. In the end I left him to finish cleaning himself and save some dignity for himself. But I wasn’t through…I wanted to make sure he was truly clean so I did the procedure again. It was easier the second time as he was more relaxed and eager to be filled up again. I stayed with him as he eliminated his waste as before. His first comment to Me as he came into the bedroom later was how relaxed he felt and how his anus felt a bit swollen but wonderful. I checked him out, and decided that it was an excellent time for anal training. I used a butt plug that I’m training him with right now so I can work up to using the strap on. he was amazed at how easily it slipped in, and how good it felt. his training is coming along nicely as he is able to take more & more each time. I allowed him to service Me orally for a while, and then let him release also. W/we cuddled and caressed each other after the scene was completed. he said that after he was so relaxed that he felt drunk, so incredibly good. I am considering making this a regular scene for U/us since it turned out so well this time.

I also want to make a note here that I am not into scat play at all, but enemas can be a form of erotic anal play. It definitely helps relax the anal muscles to further any other forms of anal insertions.


At 1:20 pm, Blogger spirit said...

Thank You Mistress. It was my favourite session. I have written about it in my journal.


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