Monday, February 28, 2005

Wedding Day

Yesterday was O/our wedding and I can honestly say it was perfect in every way. It was a beautiful sunny day and the air was warm. The Imam was there (the one W/we originally had booked), on time and he was so warm & friendly, everyone was put at ease. My sister said she felt the ceremony was quite beautiful and exotic with the Imam reciting in Arabic & Udu, very melodious and flowing. I had the cake ordered the day before and it was beautiful. The best man picked up all the sweets & finger foods for after the ceremony and also bought spirit a proper Indian wedding suit. Also to honor O/our D/s relationship I had spirit wear a frilly pair of underwear. hee hee. spirit looked so handsome in it and he said I looked beautiful too, that My shalwar looked like it was made just for Me. My sister was an excellent photographer…She has such a good eye. Once everyone was fed and W/we had dropped the Imam off, W/we went to the beach to do some photos. There were a few cameras going off, one was digital in black & white and some of the photos W/we could see on the display were so wonderful. spirit was really cute…he kept turning to Me in the car to the park saying, OMG, W/we’re married…hi Mistress wife, lol. I think it will take a while for it all to sink in for both of U/us but W/we couldn’t be happier. After photo’s at the beach W/we all went for coffee & hot chocolate to warm up before dinner. A fog bank rolled on to the beach as W/we were finishing up our photo’s and the temperature dropped 10 degrees in about 20 minutes so there were more than a few chilled toes to warm up. After dropping My sister off to take the train home, W/we went to a distinguished restaurant for dinner. W/we had reservations at Cloud 9…it’s a revolving restaurant on the 42nd floor of the Empire Landmark Hotel in Vancouver. The food was excellent, service second to none and the view was breath taking. It was the best place to share O/our special day with O/our friends. spirit had a speech prepared for Me after dinner, he even wrote it down. He wanted to share with everyone how he felt blessed by having Me in his life, now as his wife and how he would love and treasure Me forever. Before Me he told Me that he never believed in ‘forever’…I am glad I could make him a believer. Then each friend had a turn to say their thoughts and well wishes for both of U/us. I was the last to say My speech for spirit & everyone. I was honored that the people who shared O/our day were as close and dear to U/us as they were, that W/we have love and laughter in O/our lives because of them. And for spirit, whom which I truly believe was placed in My path by divine intervention…My love for him knows no bounds. I will cherish and love him forever as W/we do complete each other. What a blessed day!


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