Friday, February 25, 2005

Pre-event stress

Yesterday turned out to be quite stressful for Me. Work has been crazy busy since someone is away on holidays but throw in the wedding on Sunday with all the last minutes details and it get’s out of control quick.

When I got home, spirit was already there and since I wasn’t expecting him, he totally scared the crap out of Me. Then I noticed that something was up with him. It’s strange but I intuitively know he wants to tell Me something but isn’t sure how to approach Me cause it will probably make Me upset. I persisted and got it out of him. With only 3 days until O/our wedding, he just found out the Imam is out of town. He is supposed to be back Saturday morning but there really isn’t any guarantee’s about his return and spirit wasn’t sure what to do. I know that O/our ceremony is small, but it still is a blow if something like this happens. Needless to say, I flipped out. OMG, I was so angry that someone from the Imam’s office didn’t call U/us to tell U/us about the man’s absence and that spirit didn’t have a back up plan in place in case something happened. It was his task to make sure that everything was in order with the Imam and I felt let down because it seemed to be falling apart. I know that it isn’t his fault that the Imam is out of town, these sort of things do happen, but I was upset with the lack of foresight as to not have a back up plan. I know that I probably over reacted but this is O/our wedding! I do commend spirit for not running screammig away from Me & My anger. Once I calmed down, I realize how shaken he was with My outburst. Poor guy, this is his wedding too and he’s just as stressed out as I am. I realized that I wasn’t helping the situation so I did My best to drop it and trust him that he would make it right. And you know what, he did and things turned out fine. he called his cousin and within a few hours a back up plan was in place and everything was ok. I guess emotions are running high, mine especially due to the wedding and wanting everything to go right. Well everything is in place, time will tell if it all works out ok but I have a good feeling that it will.


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