Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One Week

It has been a week since spirit moved in and things are going wonderfully. Since it is a new arrangement there will be a learning curve for both of U/us to go through, but if this last week is any indication of how the future will be, I’m thinking things will be very good indeed.

Since W/we both work during the day, the evenings are when W/we get to spend time together as well as on the weekend. W/we have both been incredibly busy this last week and only really had time to snuggle a bit and play for about an hour before going to bed in the evenings. But I made up for that on the weekend. On Saturday W/we were downtown and went toy shopping again. I got a cock ring and a butt plug for spirit as I want him to be erect longer and to also continue his anal training. I bought a strap-on over a month ago but I want to make sure that he can take it properly before I try it on him. But either way, I know he is enjoying his training sessions just as much as I am. I find it incredibly erotic how I can play with and use his body & how he allows this to happen with love and trust in Me. His submission to Me is such a gift as well as how he loves and worships Me.

I started our scene on Sunday by having him wait for me in his punishment position on O/our bed, but no punishment would be dealt out this day. I started with some fondling, then erotic spanking that worked up to some light kisses from the crop and My little flogger. I’m amazed and pleased that he has worked up a tolerance for the crop and flogger and finds them both highly arousing when used upon his flesh. When he was rock hard I had him flip over and lay down on his back as I put his new cock ring on. I realized after the fact that I should have probably put it on before the scene started but it still went on ok. It worked well in maintaining his erection and I rode him until he was spent. I didn’t orgasm but I do enjoy feeling his member deep inside Me. Next I had him take care of My needs orally which he does with trained skill. I usually enjoy playing with his ass or balls while he is doing this but I decided that I wanted to train him with the butt plug. I could tell he was already aroused from My fondling so going to this next level wouldn’t be very difficult. So I lubed him up and inserted the plug with little difficulty while he was busy taking care of My needs. I was stroking his shaft while he was licking Me and as I built up to My climax he had another one again that left him weak. A bit later W/we snuggled close and tenderly caressed each other adrift in feelings of contentment. W/we are becoming closer every day as O/our love grows for each other and O/our roles become more defined within O/our relationship.


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