Friday, February 18, 2005


It has been a busy time for both of U/us lately since spirit started his new job and O/our wedding is coming up at the end of the month. I have been taking care of the smaller tasks such as buying decorations, garment shopping, cake arrangements, food for after the ceremony, restaurant reservations etc. spirit made the arrangements for the Eman to come and W/we got O/our rings and wedding license last weekend. It’s a very exciting time for U/us.

However, I have been a bit emotional lately since spirit has been coming home so late at night…I feel that I need him now beside Me more than ever as W/we are facing O/our future together. What I didn’t realize is that his parents are not as accepting of O/our wedding as he told Me before and he’s been busy trying to smooth things over with his family. He didn’t want to tell Me as it would of added to O/our stress level but I was happy that he did tell Me in the end. I knew something was up and I hate being left in the dark. Communication is so very important. Even when someone is trying to spare hurt feelings by not telling some information to someone, it usually back fires as the person who doesn’t know what’s is going on tends to assume things so they can try to understand the other person’s behavior. This is exactly what I did. I was getting so upset because I thought that spirit was celebrating with his cousin, (boys night out or something) O/our upcoming wedding. As it turns out I couldn’t be further from the truth in My thinking. I guess because I’ve had a few bad relationships before and have residual issues from them I put that on spirit and became upset. It is very unfair of Me to do this to him and spirit with his loving heart and submission to Me is helping Me release these fears. he is the most patient and caring partner that I have ever had and I love him so very much. I have to learn to trust all that he is and ignore My analytical thinking patterns that sometimes gravitate toward a negative threads.

Now that W/we are both know what’s going on and can handle the issues together, things are just wonderful. I love waking up every morning with spirit by My side…gosh, I find him so handsome in the AM. Who knew that one simple offline message I left him on Yahoo would blossom into such a wonderful D/s relationship. I’m a lucky Mistress to have found not only a wonderful sub, one who loves & worships Me, but a wonderful person who completes Me. Dear are the best!


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