Friday, January 21, 2005


I haven’t seen spirit since last Sunday and I am missing his presence. We attended the Taboo Sex Show with some friends that day. It was a fun time watching some of the shows, viewing all the toys and just enjoying being with each other. When W/we came home, W/we were wiped out and decided to rest in bed for a while. Once warmed from O/our bodies & play, it was comforting just to be near My sub. he is very precious to Me and when he is away from Me for this length of time, My heart grows heavy. I know that there is a reason behind it, (some family obligations and such) but still it is a long time to be apart. In the meantime W/we have talked online and on the phone but it doesn’t have the same effect as in person.

It is a major time of transition for both of U/us and I should truly relish My time apart from him. Next week he will be moving in with Me and My personal time will be limited for sure. But I will enjoy his company as W/we look forwards to O/our future together. spirit also started a new job this week and it happens to be in the same field as I am in. It’s not his hearts desire but for now, it will help with daily living expenses. I know it will make him feel better to contribute to O/our living arrangements. Big changes but I think W/we are up for the challenge.


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