Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Our day together

When spirit finally arrived on Sunday, I had a few things planned for U/us to enjoy. W/we did some regular activities such as baking, shopping and going for a walk but I also had a bit of training and play lined up for him.

W/we have been in O/our relationship for a fairly long time but I had not trained spirit in a proper greeting ritual and figured it was high time to set one up. he is collared however, when he is away from My presence the collar is removed and kept with Me. I gifted him with a necklace at Christmas time so that he knows his place and is always reminded of who he belongs to. But W/we also respect the symbol that the collar represents, so I wanted to established a ritual around it. When he enters My place he is to go to a specific spot, kneel with legs apart, bum on heels, head looking down with palms upraised in submission. He must stay there until I place the collar upon him. Once this is complete, he is to raise his bum off his heels and hug Me, (still kneeling), look into My eyes and say "Thank you Mistress, for allowing me to be in your collar again." Whereas I respond, "you are most welcome spirit, the collar is the symbol of O/our commitment to each other." W/we also will work on a parting ritual soon.

When a Mistress collars a sub it is not to be taking lighty. The sub enters an agreement that he is now owned by that Mistress just as the Mistress agrees to care and cherish that sub. It is a relationship that has gone to the next level, that is based on openess, communication & trust. A Mistress may release the sub if the relationship isn't working or meeting Her expectations just as it is a subs right to ask to be released if it isn't working for him. It is always up to the Mistress to grant the release and if it is not granted the sub must remain with Her until She permits him to leave. Personally, if spirit ever asked to be released, I would let him go as I wouldn't want to keep someone bound to Me against his will. One thing about D/s relationships is that it is supposed to be a consensual agreement, especailly regarding the level of play. If the consensual aspect of it slips away then it has become abusive. I would hope a sub in that sort of situation would have enough common-sense to get out of it as quickly as possible. But I digress....

I was glad to see the happiness in spirit's eyes when W/we perfomed the new greeting ritual. Now every time he comes to My place, it is to be completed. If it is not, or if I need to remind him, it will go in to his 'punishment list', which has been growing as of late. There are some ways in which he can delete items from the list, such as a good session of foot worship and perhaps some new positions that he will need to learn to ask for forgiveness. I consider Myself a gentle Domme and perhaps sometimes a bit to lenient with spirit. Don't get Me wrong, he will get the crop if he misbehaves but I am quick to sooth his hurts and emotions after the session. I know that he appreciates the kindness I show him and in turn does try his very best to please Me in his own way. He is a treasured sub...I care for him very much :).

After baking in mid afternoon I felt like being worshiped and playing a bit too. An online friend into D/s had told Me about prostrate milking, how it is performed and what results to expect etc. I had been exploring anal play with spirit but wanted to take it the next level armed with this new info. When a person is sexually aroused their tolerance of pain is hightened and quite often what in normal circumstances would be painful becomes highly erotic. I was told of a way to milk the prostrate from the inside of the anus, it depended on the insertion angle of the vibrator. When the prostrate is stimulated on the inside of the anus to a certain level, a clear liquid will dribble out of the head of the penis, usually in large amounts but it depends on the individual. That liquid is like gun powered in a gun, without much of it, it's hard to fire the bullets. Plainly, the more clear 'pre-cum' that is drained, the harder it is for the guy to get off. It helps maintain the level of submission with your sub by keeping him horny but unable to release. Nature's own chasity devise???? Who knows but from spirits moans and erection, I could tell he was throughly enjoying himself regardless. W/we have to explore this more, but there is plenty of time for that. Eventually I want O/our level of anal play to include a strap-on for Me to play with him. W/we are going shopping for one on Thursday and I'm looking forwards to that.


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