Sunday, January 02, 2005

New Year - New Beginnings

I woke up this morning with the sunshine streaming through My window which is a true blessing in this rainy city. It is an omen to Me of all the good things that I hope will come in this New Year.

Today, spirit is supposed to be at My side, however, he has yet to arrive. This is one thing that has been an issue between U/us since the day W/we met. he seems to lack the concept of time but I also wonder if this is just a man thing as it seems to be an issue for many Women. I find it interesting that men will be on time for work, for a hockey game or any sporting event, to meet up with their buddies for a beer but when it comes to their Women lots of men drag their feet. This behaviour shows Me that some of their priorities are mixed up and it's even more concerning in a D/s relationship. Punishment works only to a certain degree...the sub has to find a way to keep the commitments he makes to his Mistress or not make them at all. Also, it's a Mistress' duty to know her sub well enough so that if he offers to do something that he is unable perform then She will let him know that She is aware of his inablity to do what he says and drop it. Sometimes a sub feels so much for his Mistress and wants to do everything for Her. He will promise to go to heaven and bring back the moon. The Mistress must make sure that no unrealistic standards are set up or only confusion and disappointment will follow for both of T/them.

In any relationship, Women like to be considered a top priority or at least in the top three. When She has fallen below that level, I feel that there are a few things happening: She is being taken for granted, the man has or is loosing interest in Her or he has lost focus or direction in his life. With spirit, I know his feelings and interest for Me are strong but with him, sometimes I feel he is a bit unfocused. This shows up in little ways such as being late or canceling at the last moment to see Me. he knows what he wants in his life but is unable to see how to get there from here. I hope that I will be able to help and support him in this area. I know he will eventually find a plan that works and I am confident that I will be part of it. When W/we are together, I do not doubt his devotion for Me at all. Ah, spirit just called Me and is on his way here. He left Me an offline message yesterday to say that he will be here at 10:00 am but it is already 11:15 am. It will take him an hour to get here ~sigh~. But I will see him soon enough and I know he will be apologetic about being late. I hope I can impress upon him that this is unacceptable behaviour with a few kisses from My crop. ;)


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