Monday, January 24, 2005

By My side again

I saw spirit on Saturday and W/we spent a wonderful day together. It was good to see him in his collar again and to have him at My feet. He was most eager to please Me anyway he could think of but I needed to get to work on his punishment list. It has been said that I am much too lenient with him and it was time to make sure he was reminded of his place. Just because the punishment doesn’t happen right away it doesn’t mean that is forgotten about or that the sub got away with the transgressions. I chose to spank him with a wooden paddle from My kitchen, 3 spanks to each cheek, so as to not overwhelm him. It was painful but he took it well and I comforted him after as I always do when a punishment has been administered. This took off only one item from his list but at least it is a start. I feel that he is turning into a bit of a pain slut (he’s enjoying it too much!) so I have come up with a few other ideas of punishment. his list is long, so I will have to get real creative but I know that whatever I choose will be just as effective. I’m sure there will be a time when punishment is a rare thing but until then I have to maintain the standard set.

W/we played a bit later and watched a movie, just enjoying being close together. Next week he will be moving in with Me and W/we are both looking forwards to that. It will help U/us grow as individuals and as a couple living in a 24/7 D/s relationship. W/we are both supportive of each other’s endeavors that will enrich O/our lives and contribute to a positive loving relationship.


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