Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!

With a New Year almost upon U/us, I figured that there wasn't a better time to start a journal of O/our experiences in D/s, and all the trials and joys that come with it from a Mistress' point of view. I was fortunate to find My faithful sub, spirit as I understand that it is difficult, (sometimes near impossible) to find someone you are comfortable with, who has the same level of experience and same desires as yourself to be fufilled.

My journey into D/s started last spring with an online friend, Peter, confessing to Me that he was a submissive. I was curious about what being a sub meant and what he was looking for in a Mistress. Up until that time I had never considered the lifestyle for Myself but I did have an awareness of it online and in the city where I live. I was surprised at how quickly I became interested in D/s and soaked up all the information that I was given. W/we spent hours online in discussion and with research. I realized that I had a very Domminate nature and that this lifestyle was more of a fit for Me than My regular vanilla one. I have always been an open person so to Me this was just a natural progression of My sexuality. Soon I wanted to become more involved with a sub in a real time situation than just online or in therory. In the end I didn't meet up with Peter but I am eternally grateful to him for all the info he provided Me and introducing Me to the lifestyle. Now it was time for Me to find a real time sub. Perhaps because I was so new to D/s and didn't have any preconceived notions about how difficult it is to find a sub, I didn't have the associated hesitations upon Me to locate one. I searched through online profiles to find local subs, found spirit's profile and sent him an offline message. Two things stuck out in his profile to Me, he was LOCAL (that always makes a difference) and the picture he had on file. And NO it wasn't a picture of himself; it was a beautiful art print of a sub worshiping his Mistress. I was happy when he responded the next day and O/our discusions with D/s started up. One thing I learned about meeting people online in real time is that the longer you speak to someone online, especially when there is chemistry present, there are false expections set up with both parties. When the day comes where you are finally meeting sometimes there isn't that chemistry in real time that you felt with that person online. I've had that happen to Me more than once so I set up a new rule for Myself. If I have the interest to meet someone for real I will speak to them for about a week, (I can usually tell if there is some chemistry there by that time) and then meet. That way if there isn't that chemistry, there are no hard feelings, you haven't wasted a lot of time and it's easier to move on. I spoke with spirit indepth for about 4 days and requested that W/we meet which he was eager to do. When W/we saw each other for the first time (and no, I didn't see a photo of him prior, but he did see Mine), I could tell right away that if anything W/we would have a stong basis to be friends. W/we had common interests, both liked to talk about everything, he was very companionable and as open and outgoing as I was. Who knew that what W/we started that day would turn into the stong D/s relationship what W/we share today. That's what I love about life; things happen when you least expect them too. Every day brings U/us closer to each other as W/we explore and share O/our inner-most feelings and desires. Yes, there is a deep, stong bond between U/us that I see only becoming stronger in the New Year.

To everyone and My dear spirit, have a blessed New Year. May 2005 be the foundation for the joy in your life.

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